Investment Consultancy is the activity of providing direct or written comments and recommendations to a certain person or financial situation, risk and return preferences, and similar group about the capital market instruments and the partners and institutions that export them without the demand of our investors.
Investments are made with the use of financial resources of Europe and other countries.

Investors can have an effective vision with feasibility studies thanks to their ability to direct the most accurate investment with reliable investment experts.

With the use of short- and long-term financing sources, feasible projects emerge.

There are two types of funds involved in investment.

1. Grant Fund;

50-70% of the investment budget is supported by grant support.

2. Investment Loan;

Investments are made with low-interest loans with long-term recycling of the investment budget.

Some Investments; Alternative Energy Resources Investments, Food Processing Storage Facilities, Crop Production Greenhouse Investments, Logistics Investments, Tourism Investments, Healthcare Investments.